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Hello, my name is Elona. Welcome to my site about tax services. When I started my own crafting business, I was unsure how to handle my profits and losses. I tallied all of the information and eventually took the documents down to my local tax professional. I learned a lot about the process of preparing and filing taxes during that visit. I would like to help other people handle their business tax documents and work effectively with a qualified professional. I would be honored if you could use my information to handle your taxes with confidence. Please come back again soon.

Retiring From Your Small Business? 5 Key Tax Planning Steps

2 June 2020
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As a small business owner planning for their retirement exit, you may be focused on tasks like increasing your retirement income or stabilizing the business. But have you considered the tax issues involved in your exit? Income taxes can easily take a big bite out of a retiring owner's income if not planned out correctly. To help you, consider these five key ways to minimize retirement tax issues and maximize your preparedness. Read More …