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Hello, my name is Elona. Welcome to my site about tax services. When I started my own crafting business, I was unsure how to handle my profits and losses. I tallied all of the information and eventually took the documents down to my local tax professional. I learned a lot about the process of preparing and filing taxes during that visit. I would like to help other people handle their business tax documents and work effectively with a qualified professional. I would be honored if you could use my information to handle your taxes with confidence. Please come back again soon.

Understanding The Rules And Requirements Of A 1031 Exchange

6 March 2023
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A 1031 exchange is a distinct type of property transaction that helps you defer the taxes on a transfer of assets. There are strict 1031 exchange rules, and you must follow them closely to avoid unintentionally realizing a potentially major tax event. Here are the key 1031 exchange requirements. Like-Kind Exchanges Whenever someone uses 1031 for a transaction, they need to participate in a like-kind exchange. This means that the properties involved must be of similar legal dispositions. Read More …